Winter massage - the miracle for the facial skin

Wintermassage – das Wunder für die Gesichtshaut

Ever heard of the winter massage? We at the 48grams blog had to chuckle a bit - because we were wondering: does that mean rubbing with snow? Brr... maybe healthy, but definitely not pleasant.In short, we were wrong.The winter massage is a very special facial treatment for the cold season.It is the supreme DIY discipline for everyone who takes care of their skin.So before masks are applied, before creams or serums take effect - careful fingers ensure that the lymph flow is improved and blood circulation is stimulated.In summary: Whoever invests 10 minutes twice a day during the time of ice and snow ensures that active ingredients are better absorbed later and the complexion of the skin is fundamentally improved.

Massage tips from TikTok

The topic has recently fascinated us members of the 48grams editorial team so much that we decided to do the ultimate December test.Three editors have maintained their daily grooming routine.Plus a few obligatory walks in the fresh air - visiting the Christmas markets here combines the sensible with the pleasant.The remaining members have expanded this sequence to include the winter massage factor.Every day they followed the tips written below: in the morning before applying make-up - and in the evening after removing make-up.They were guided by the current trend at TikTok.Massage videos are being published here more and more frequently.And step by step.

rosacea, dry skin, pimples

Before the experiment started, all members took photos of themselves.Naked… at least the faces.So that every dry spot, every rosacea reddening and every pimple is documented.Oh, that was nice... wasn't it.But this is the only way differences would become visible at the end of the month! But we'll save the conclusion for the end of the article.

Tips for the winter massage

Now for the tips on how the winter massage works - and no, you don't have to be a professional for this!

1. As with every treatment, the following principle applies: The face must be thoroughly cleaned.We are not only talking about make-up residues, but also about dirt particles that inevitably accumulate on the skin throughout the day.Dermatologists recommend mild cleansers or foams and lots of warm water.If you really want to do everything right, you can prepare a steam bath afterwards.The warm steam opens the pores and also makes it easier to rub off dead skin.

2. A moisturizing lotion or oil is needed to make the skin supple and the massage fingers to be able to slide over the tissue better.But important: Do not use too much product, otherwise there is a risk that the pores will become blocked and pimples will develop as a result.

3. Important: Regardless of whether you use a massage brush or your fingertips - the pressure on the skin must not be too great.Anyone who discovers red "roadways" or even welts knows that that was too much of a good thing.Incidentally, the movements should never follow a straight line, but always be circular.This is the only way to stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the drainage of lymphatic fluid.

4. If you don't want creases under your eyes and want to have an "awake look" even in winter, you can put a finger under the base of the brown one and stroke it - along the lash line - from the temples to the nose and under the eyes back to the starting point of the massage.This relaxes the ring-shaped muscles around the eye.After a short period of rest, eye pads should be applied for support - ideally these work with extracts from the Mallorcan salt plant.Pads also soothe the thin skin under the eyes.Wrinkles and bags under the eyes slowly but surely disappear.

5. Anyone who keeps switching between the cold outside and the warm inside will soon notice a tightening of the forehead skin.This is the result of skin that has not received enough moisture.Of course, first aid is provided by applying a greasy cream.But after the tissue has regained some elasticity, you should also lend a hand yourself.At the beginning of a massage, the forehead is smoothed, which means that you stroke from one temple to the other - and back again.This process should be repeated three or four times.Then place the index and middle finger of each hand on one side of the temple - and massage gently with circular movements.In the further sequence - the fingers draw a semicircle - rotate the fingers over the eyebrows in the direction of the frown line.Finally, the frown line area is smoothed out towards the hairline.

6.The so-called naso-labial area should not be forgotten.To do this, place the index and middle fingers of both hands on the sides of the nose – near the eyebrows.Slowly, without much pressure, the nose is then stroked in the direction of the tip.This movement is repeated several times.The lips are then “tapped” and the corners of the mouth are gently stroked downwards.

The massage miracle in winter

We at the 48grams editorial team have also taken these principles and rules to part of the “test group”.As previously mentioned, this little beauty experiment lasted four weeks.What was noticeable: We all looked each other in the face more often and each thought for himself: Do you already see the difference or is it just the wish that is the father/mother of the thought.Shortly before New Year's Eve, each of us stood in front of the mirror and took a close-up selfie - without make-up and without any cream or serum on our winter skin.The result in the image comparison was anything but a photo finish.The group that pampered their skin twice a day with a DIY massage showed a significantly better complexion.The tissue looked fresher, fitter and rosier.The usual consequences of winter, brittle skin, dry patches and small cold wrinkles, were much less pronounced.So the conclusion is clear for us: the winter facial massage should be an integral part of a care routine in the cold season.