Our innovation

Biomembrane - the revolutionary innovation 48grams stands for revolutionary natural cosmetics, the combination of the best ingredients and innovative engineering. The effect: a long-lasting organic high with noticeably younger skin. Treat yourself to the biomembrane effect!

Let’s talk about Biomembran

We at 48grams have found an innovative way that we proudly describe like this: Mother nature gave it to us, our technology has refined it. The magic word is biomembrane. This miracle substance is obtained using a new process that completely dispenses with emulsifiers: water and fat are combined at a pressure of up to 1000 bar to form a liquid. The result is a water-like consistency with a lamellar structure. Et voilà: our precious biomembrane. Absolutely comparable to the structure of our skin fat. All toxin-free based on the forces of nature. In this way we can guarantee a gentle and effective result for your skin.

Pretty generous

We have had our creams, masks and pads scientifically tested and compared with other products. The result made us proud: the release of all active ingredients is 10 times higher than that of other market participants: so much more aloe vera or hyaluronic acid will be able to flow. Active ingredients that we apply by hand.

Only the best for your skin

We at 48grams are consistently working towards an important goal: our customers should feel comfortable in their own skin again. Who wants to have dark circles under their eyes, stress lines after a hard week or simply mourn their younger self when looking in the mirror. We make you great again. It's not about a short-term organic high, we want the visual push that lasts. Our products are refined with the best ingredients, the latest engineering and a lot of passion so that they work deep in your skin - and thus create a beautiful surface.

48grams with its biomembrane is the fountain of youth among the available cosmetic products . No chemically modified additives, no harmful emulsifiers, alcohol and perfume-free, absolutely vegan and not tested on animals. We believe that if you can or want to afford the best, you should get it.

One little, wonderful secret at the end: We have teamed up with the treeme tree project and are thus offsetting our CO2 footprint. We make sure that we save more CO2 than we cause in the manufacture of our products.

Bernd Kuhs – the skincare pope

Bernd Kuhs from Lörrach has been researching innovative cellular cosmetics since the mid-90s. A real pioneering work, which today makes him the inventor of the membrane structure products: He is the skincare pope. His latest creation, the biomembrane, is already considered a quantum leap in the field of dermatological cosmetic products. The 65-year-old created them after years of research in his laboratories in Mallorca.

Bernd Kuhs on his innovation

The fibrous structure of the biomembrane has such a large surface area that it absorbs four times its weight in liquid during manufacture. When using the mask, around 35 milliliters of liquid are released onto the skin of the face. It's like a whole bottle full of liquid. In addition, the large surface ensures that the nutrients can be absorbed very slowly by the skin. You can tell by the long-lasting cooling effect. If you have a normal wet fleece on your skin, it's dry after 15 minutes - or it simply doesn't cool anymore. Our mask releases liquid over a period of 90 minutes - and continues to cool. The addition of hyaluronic acid or aloe juice ensures another incredible care effect. Pure nature and without preservatives.

Mallorca Vibes

From skin type to skin type

Dermatology divides skin into four types: normal, dry, oily and combination skin. The problems that every skin type can get are very diverse. Our biomembrane products with aloe vera or hyaluronic acid face every challenge. All of our masks and creams deliver 10 times more moisture to the tissue than comparable products on the market. In the case of fine lines and wrinkles, the biomembrane ensures that your skin can absorb the high-quality active ingredients like a sponge and thus experience a cushioning effect.

The glow from the deep

Smaller is definitely better, has more impact and gets deeper. At 48grams we use oligo-hyaluron. In practice, it is simply not used by most brands: it is too expensive. We thought to ourselves: We have the exclusive biomembrane, so we want to achieve the best effect and turn our products into true anti-aging heroes. The oligo molecules reach the deepest skin zones and thus pad out from the inside. Our customers experience a long-lasting glow and more youthful skin - every day.