Organic cosmetics - the whole truth about the fight against wrinkles and dark circles

Bio-Kosmetik – die ganze Wahrheit über den Kampf gegen Falten und Augenringe
Bio·kos·me·tik - according to the definition in Duden, cosmetics based on products made from [medicinal] plants and natural substances.This makes it clear what the creams, serums and masks from 48grams are all about.We all - representing here the experts from the 48grams blog - want our customers to only get the best ingredients and thus the intensive effect of nature on or.feel in the skin.Bernd Kuhs, the internationally acclaimed skincare pope and creator of all 48grams lines, explains it like this: “Anyone who buys cosmetics today has the first chance to care for themselves sustainably, veganly and in the best possible way.Modern research makes it possible for short-term effects to have a lasting effect.And that, I emphasize, without having to put up with later damage to the tissue.The Best Anti Aging Products? The reality of a multi-billion euro business like the cosmetics industry is that maximum promises are always made: the best anti-aging solution, the fastest anti-wrinkle effect, etc.Unfortunately, long-term protection often takes a back seat.That depends on a variety of chemical-based ingredients.As a representative of this, we will explain the example of emulsifiers later - and why their use is a real problem for the tissue of our facial skin, which is always at risk.Against blackheads, wrinkles, dark circles We at 48grams work consistently towards an important goal: our customers should (again) feel comfortable in their own skin.Who wants dark circles under the eyes, blackheads, stress lines after a hard week or simply mourn the loss of their younger self when looking in the mirror.It's not about a short-term organic high, we want the visual push that lasts.All products are refined with the best ingredients, state-of-the-art engineering and a lot of passion, so that they work deep into the skin - and thus create a beautiful surface.And all this - exactly - by the power of nature.Without preservation, please Here is an explanation of what exactly constitutes organic cosmetics.Those who have committed themselves to this principle do not use any petroleum-based products, silicone or polyethylene glycol (PEG) products.Microplastics are also prohibited, as is the use of preservatives and synthetic color and fragrance additives.A second important point is that foundation brushes, silicone sponges or similar helpers are no longer needed.Organic cosmetics have to be applied by hand – dabbing and gently massaging with fingertips; body heat and rhythmic movements create a connection between the product and the body.The more ingredients, the worse These are important points that everyone should know, because: There is no "real" definition of natural or organic cosmetics, no comprehensive legal definition.Basically, good common sense is also required.Anyone who expects a cheap product to consist of purely natural substances can only be disappointed.Conversely, this does not mean that expensive articles therefore contain more nature.Here we can only refer to various apps that provide information about ingredients and their origin.Exactly, "ingredients" is also a good keyword: When buying skincare items, the decisive factor is how many ingredients are listed on the back of the packaging.The rule of thumb is: the more, the worse for the skin.emulsifiers barrier Of course, not everything is always perfect with organic products either.It would be wrong to hide that.Can natural cosmetics trigger allergies? Yes, nobody is really protected from that.After all, nuts or animal hair and dust also trigger unwelcome reactions.But here we want to make it clear: the protective effect is the most important factor - and far exceeds the effect of chemicals.For example, let us come to the topic of emulsifiers mentioned earlier.This is a kind of binding agent that holds fat and water together - and is therefore the basis for (almost) all creams.Bernd Kuhs takes a clear stance: “Dermatologists don't like to see emulsifiers at all.Because they attack the skin's protective barrier.” The revolutionary biomembrane To explain: In the skin, so-calledMembrane lipids very fine lamellar layers in the nanometer range - i.e. in the molecular range.Fat, oil and water alternate again and again.This prevents harmful substances from penetrating the skin – this is the so-called skin protection barrier.“The ingredients in conventional creams irritate or damage this layer.” This knowledge was also the trigger for Kuhs’ discovery of the biomembrane: “My goal was to make a permanent connection out of fat and water – in order to have a product that is harmless to the skin.” consistency and durability Let's get to the prejudice that organic cosmetics don't last long.A claim that is false.Natural products must also be microbiologically stable.30 months they are usually resistant to all contamination transmitted through air or skin.The fact that the consistency can change in the process is a very common topic.Sometimes so-called “phases” also separate – this means that liquid separates from a solid mass in a layer.The tip of the skincare pope: "Two or three pumps later, the problem is solved.” This has no influence on the fundamental effectiveness.Skincare and the smell Let's get to a topic that keeps buyers busy.Natural skincare simply smells different than the conventional competition."Different" does not mean "bad" - but we are used to something pleasing due to the chemically strengthened perfumes, creams or detergents.Bad enough.Natural extracts have a scent that is, shall we say, unfamiliar.But never bad or intolerable for the environment.Especially since the smell goes away very quickly.Mother Nature gave it to us All of this also applies to the products from 48grams.But if we want to do something really good for our skin, we should avoid anything that has been chemically manufactured or modified.We at 48grams have found an innovative way that we proudly describe like this: Mother nature gave it to us, our technology has refined it.