How to make sallow skin beautiful and rosy again

So wird fahle Haut wieder schön und rosig

When the antiquated word "sallow" is mentioned in literature, it is always in connection with something unpleasant. Illness, death, a visit from the tax office. The skin color of the person or persons affected is subsequently more than just pale - it is: sallow. So it is clear that this expression occurs only in the description of serious situations. Thus, we at the 48grams blog are very surprised that a "sallow complexion" is a very common term in (colloquial) dermatology reporting. Let's clear that up here.


No sleep, no recovery

"You look pale today," our colleague Susanne had to listen to the other morning. In fact, her skin color already had a slightly grayish tinge. Of course, we were immediately worried. She couldn't help noticing this and twisted her mouth into a tired grin: "No, no, everything's fine. Just barely got a wink of sleep." This explains one of the reasons for a "sallow complexion." That the body reacts negatively to lack of sleep is not news. But what many do not know: If the nightly rest phases are missing, numerous processes in the (facial) skin suffer; the production of collagen is shut down just like the regeneration process of the cells. If this happens only rarely - as in Susanne's case - the tissue recovers quickly. A little more sleep soon ensures a radiant face again. But anyone who spends too little time in the land of dreams – on a permanent basis – does lasting damage to their appearance.


Sallow skin also means: too little exercise

There are, of course, many other reasons why the face looks "discolored". Here's a brief explanatory insertion: the word "sallow" comes from the Middle German "val" - which means "weak" or "withered" or ... exactly ... "discolored." Not too nice - and neither are the triggers. At first, an unhealthy lifestyle must be mentioned here. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, fatty food - all this has a negative effect on the blood flow in the skin. After all, the largest organ we humans have. Lack of exercise also leads to paleness/pallor. It should be mentioned here that anyone who has ever looked at themselves in the mirror after an extensive sports session knows: Where there was previously dull, grayish skin, there is suddenly optimally supplied with blood, red-glowing tissue. Basically, it can be said that the aforementioned causes can be brought under control through commitment and willpower. To motivate you: It's worth it!


Acute vitamin deficiency as cause

Other reasons, on the other hand, must be examined by a doctor by blood sampling. Acute vitamin deficiency is often detected much too late - but can trigger a "sallow complexion". A whole variety of sometimes serious diseases or environmental intolerances also first show up on the face. Here applies: Who is uncertain, should make an appointment with a doctor.


The best tips and tricks

Now that we have written so much about causes and symptoms - this clarification in advance was important - now something positive. If you want to get (back) a radiant appearance, you should read the following tips carefully and take them to heart:


Healthy nutrition makes healthy skin

The basis for a fresh facial skin with the best blood circulation is a healthy diet. Especially fruits and vegetables are important. Berries contain manganese as well as vitamins A, C and E; coconuts ensure high levels of vitamin B5; citrus fruits form masses of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, C and E; avocados provide the skin with omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B7, C and E. Spinach contains vitamin A (retinol) in addition to vitamin C. The latter strengthens cell membranes and significantly promotes cell metabolism. These were only a few examples - but going to the vegetable or fruit counter naturally ensures that the skin is and remains rosy. Meat and sausage products, on the other hand, should rarely (if ever) end up on the plate and thus in the stomach. The information on this complex of topics fills entire libraries, so it is far too extensive to list them all. Tip of the Blog editorship: investigate more on the topic in the internet.


Home remedies for sallow skin

By the way, natural home remedies also improve the complexion. If you have almond or olive oil in the house, you can put a few drops on your fingertips and massage the liquid into the tissue. This promotes blood circulation - and costs almost nothing. Also inexpensive is a face mask made of honey and cinnamon. Simply mix the two ingredients, apply and leave on for 30 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. The skin also gets moisture from a mask of banana and avocado. Or by taking a steam bath made of chamomile tea.


Plenty of water and more sleep

At the top of the list, by the way, should also be the advice of all the stars - who are known to have preserved their beauty by drinking lots of water and sleeping. As unbelievable as it sounds, both tips actually make for a more beautiful appearance. It doesn't get any better than this if you want to revive your complexion.


Grape seed oil for facial care

Finally - we are, after all, a 48grams brand skincare blog here - some advice on the helpers from the tube or cream jar. If you've already taken the advices to heart, you should still look into skincare. Regular peelings (ideally with fruit acid components) form the basis - and continue to ensure better circulation of the skin. Afterwards, masks are recommended which, with oligo-hyaluronic acid among others, ensure that moisture is transported deep into the skin. By the way, a high proportion of aloe vera can never hurt here. To improve the result even more, dermatologists advise creams with a high niacinamide content - actually also known as vitamin B3. This substance promotes collagen formation and pushes the energy metabolism of the cells. We'll say it out loud here: Yeah! Because that's exactly what skin that is dull or sallow needs. An extra boost is promised by the use of products with edelweiss extracts and or - and this is the queen of skin regeneration preparations - OPC. Not only in the anti-aging industry, grape seed oil facial care is celebrated as the to-notch-product for a beautiful face.